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PIG® Absorb-&-Lock® Absorbent - For Acids

  • Permanently solidifies to "lock" in absorbed acidic liquids; won't leak back out or revert to a liquid state when handled or placed under pressure
  • Environmentally friendly product absorbs acids and corrosives including sulfuric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, acetic and hydrochloric acids as well as hydrazine
  • Forms a solid mass without expanding for easier, less expensive recovery and cleanup; typically absorbs seven times its weight so you'll use less material and cut your disposal costs
  • Chemically inert, non-toxic product is safe to handle and use
  • Non abrasive product will not damage floors or expensive laboratory countertops
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PLP501 PIG® Absorb-&-Lock® Absorbent - For Acids N/A Absorbs 60.6 L/Case 4/case

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