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PIG SpillBlocker Dikes

  • Confine small to large volumes of liquid and protect the environment
  • Unique two-layer construction features a hard top layer for more durability, and a soft and tacky bottom layer that adheres to smooth surfaces.
  • Made of flexible, 100% polyurethane that's non-absorbent, chemical resistant and reusable.
  • 7.6cm high Dike (PLR267) comes in two 152cm sections; built-in dovetail connectors create a liquid-proof seal when properly connected, allowing multiple barriers to be linked together; Corners (PLR268) create 90° angles
  • Taller Dikes (PLR253 & PLR254) are available in 11cm or 17cm heights to divert larger volumes of liquid; self-contained dovetail connectors allow you to connect several Dikes to create abarrier of any length without additional connectors; high-visibility lime green is easily seen to help prevent tripping accidents
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PLR267 PIG® SpillBlocker® Dike 9cm W x 152cm L x 7.6cm H Yellow or Black 2/box
PLR268 Corner for PIG® SpillBlocker® Dike 12cm W x 13cm L x 7,6cm H Black 1 each
PLR253 PIG® High-Volume SpillBlocker® Dike 10cm W x 152cm L x 11cm H Lime Green 1/box
PLR254 PIG® High-Volume SpillBlocker® Dike 11cm W x 152cm L x 17cm H Green 1 each

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